Child Support

Parents have an equal responsibility to take care of their children. The time and energy and costs involved with raising a family is enormous.   When parents are divorced and living with one parent, the other parent may be asked to contribute financially.  In most families, child support payments are crucial to adequately cover the costs of the child’s everyday living expenses, medical needs, education, travel and recreation.

Who pays child support?

If the child resides primarily with one parent, the other is usually responsible to pay child support. Traditionally children had their primary residence with their mothers in most cases, however, there is a growing trend toward shared parenting where children spend roughly equal time with each parent.  Child support will depend on the differential in the parent’s incomes and specifically how much time the children spend living with each parent.

How is child support calculated?

Generally child support is calculated based on the income of the parent responsible for payment.  Percentages are determined based on Federal Child Support Guidelines.  Over time a higher or lower amount of support may be calculated due to changes in the income of the partner paying support.  Varied amounts of support may be required depending on special or unusual needs of the child.

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Who decides child support?

Parents who are able to come to an agreement can themselves decide on the amount an nature of the child support arrangements.  In situations where the couple wishes to work together but need support and guidance, a collaborative lawyer can help the family to sort out details and reach a mutually beneficial arrangement. Many couples find communication difficult or impossible. Where this is the case an experienced divorce lawyer can help navigate the complexities of the law as it pertains to the family’s situation.

Sorting it all out

Sorting out important issues involving children can be challenging in any family.  Already worn out from the stress of conflict, separated or divorced couples are advised to seek support in understanding their rights and responsibilities under the law.  This knowledge applied to your unique family situation can help create positive outcomes for the children and future family relationships.

Choosing the Right Divorce Lawyer

Choosing the right lawyer is an important decision. Our strength and experience in negotiation and litigation make us very effective in resolving even the most difficult disputes.  Our practical approach can greatly reduce the overall time necessary to resolve a dispute, reduce the overall cost to our clients and minimize the negative impact of difficult negotiations or court proceedings on our clients and their children.

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