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Divorce is difficult and emotional.  Divorcing couples can expect waves of uncertainty anger, blame, helplessness, and disbelief.  On top of this, there is often worry about the children and financial insecurity.  When resentment and hostile emotions govern the actions of one or both partners, the divorce process slows down indefinitely, taking years and thousands more dollars than necessary, to reach resolution. In too many cases, the outcome is, discontent, shrunken resources and continuing poor relationships. To remedy this, our Woodbridge Collaborative Divorce Lawyers and Vaughan Collaborative Divorce Lawyers support divorcing couples who wish to communicate cooperatively in order to reach mutually beneficial, and cost efficient outcomes.

Collaborative Divorce technique is a type of alternate dispute resolution, more informal and less confrontational than traditional divorce methods. The partners take part in 4 way meetings, along with the lawyers who represent each of them. The lawyers advocate for their respective clients, while upholding honest polite communication and intending positive outcomes for both.  It is not suitable for everyone however if collaborative divorce is right in your situation the group will collaboratively:

  • Consider individual goals
  • Consider possible short or long term decisions and their impact on significant family issues and future outcomes
  • Discuss legal rights and responsibilities
  • Identify required paperwork re: assets and liabilities, taxation etc

Our Woodbridge collaborative divorce lawyers are recognized for creative problem solving and their experience in collaborative divorce procedure.  Collaborative divorce is not a viable choice in situations where there is violence, substance abuse or mental illness. For couples dedicated to respectful long term relationships and win-win outcomes, collaborative divorce is an efficient and economical option.  If you are considering divorce and are wondering about the suitability of collaborative divorce in your situation, we are available to help answer these questions so that you can move forward.

Our collaborative divorce Law office is located in Woodbridge at the corner of Weston and Steeles Ave, and in Oshawa at the corner of Mary and Richmond. The Hilbing Family Law Firm is centrally located to serve collaborative divorce clients throughout Toronto, including Rexdale, North York, Etobicoke, Vaughan and Woodbridge.

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